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Christine had a message from her son; he was coming to visit! She noticed the weather was going to be perfect. No one could say their hair needed cut - it was a perfect time for the family photos that haven't been updated in almost 10 years!! Get excited!! All the stars aligned! I am so happy we made this happen. The McArthur family was a DREAM! It always takes a while to get into the comfort zone when there is a camera in your face but the comfort zone was reached and exceeded. I know that because we made it to the Department Of Silly Walks! That is just about as comfortable as you can get - and I was laughing so hard my cheeks still hurt. Thank you for all the fun! I hope it isn't 10 years before we meet again. 


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This wedding day was a long time coming. COVID forced them to cancel last year and reschedule. It almost did the same this year. The guest list had to be shortened. Masks had to be warn while walking around inside. Fortunately, the weather cooperated, it didn't rain, and the ceremony was able to be outside. I knew from the engagement session in 2019, that Justin and Alicia are pretty easy going. They can handle whatever comes their way. They are a sweet couple with so much love for each other, it's contagious. Their baby girl, who is now 4, was a trooper. She wasn't too interested in family photos, but we found lots of other moments when she was enjoying herself. She especially loved twirling in her wedding dress. Justin gave her her own wedding ring during the ceremony - it was the sweetest little moment. Alicia's flowers were a reminder of the very first bouquet of flowers that Justin gave her, white roses with baby's breath - so pretty! I could ramble on and on about their day but perhaps we I should let the pictures tell the story ...  

Congratulations Justin & Alicia!  

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Flowers - Avondale Flowers & Gifts

Ceremony & Reception Venue - Doghouse Studios 

Cake - Custom Cakes By Shanikah

Catering - The Catering Company

Groomsmen and Groom Attire - Alain Dupetit 

Invitations - Vistaprint

Little River Vintage Rentals & Event Design

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Their first born, Vihaan, is now 2 years old and ready to be a big brother. Palak is keeping the sex of the new baby a secret but I do know that the due date is the same day as our wedding anniversary. That sounds like good luck to me! Palak did a fantastic job with the clothing for these photos. I think I should start referring all my clients to her for a consultation before their session. Just look at this dress! Shradhyey's crisp white shirt was perfect, his shoes match the dress and Vihaan's shirt is the perfect combination of colours. You would never know from these images that it was 31 degrees with humidity over 80% and a threat of a thunderstorm. This summer has had some crazy weather but babies don't care what the forecast is. Congratulations Shradhyey and Palak and good luck with your new baby! 

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FAMILY | BECKY & MATT Blog 1Blog 1


Happy Canada Day to all! (Are we even allowed to think that this year? I'm not a political person in any way so we won't go there. This is at least still a holiday, a day off, a day of rest and a day to spend with your family.) So, today I am celebrating phase 2 of reopening this province with some photos of this very fun-loving extended family. The sun peeked out every now and then to add some "glowy" light (my favourite) and their beautiful smiling faces filled in the rest. They will forever have this memory of when "COVID hair" was still a thing before everyone races to get their appointments set up. I hope you all enjoy this day of rest and reflection. xo

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FAMILY | GABBY'S CAKE SMASH Gabby Blog 1Gabby Blog 1


   Gabby's mom, Sarah, had a beautiful vision. She found a few inspirational photos on Pinterest and began planning. She created this banner using some string and her Cricut machine. She ordered the perfect cake from Sugar Mamas in Belleville. These adorable outfits came from Amazon. The balloons, cake plate and pink puff flowers came from Party City. Gabby's "You Are My Sunshine" 1st Birthday backdrop turned out perfectly. The best part though, was watching Gabby absolutely attach that cake. She couldn't wait to get at it! It was a photographer's dream! I mean seriously, when she bent down and put her face in the cake and took a big bite - that's GOLD! I hope Sarah and Brendan print that one out really big and display it. She's an absolute delight. Happy 1st Birthday Gabby!   

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FAMILY | INTRODUCING BABY JAMES Therese Blog -1Therese Blog -1


It was forecasted to be19 degrees celsius in NOVEMBER and on Therese and Ryan's family photo day, I think it even surpassed that! Therese had beautiful matching Roots sweaters, from Auntie Lisa, for herself and little Julia and it was hard to wear them in this little heatwave. They did manage to get them in a few photos at least. These family photos are especially exciting because they are the first that include Julia's new brother, baby James, who is almost 5 months old. Only two days after these photos, he began to sit up all on his own. He's growing fast and I'm so happy I could capture him before this next phase of growth begins. Welcome to this crazy world baby James! 

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MATERNITY | ROBYN & MAX Robyn_Max_Blog-1Robyn_Max_Blog-1


They call their unborn baby "L'ill Lentil" - How adorable is that!?! It's almost as adorable as they are. I know I mentioned it in the last post but Robyn and Max's little Lentil is due on my birthday in November - I'm excited! I've never known my birthday to be someone's due date before. I hope your third trimester goes well Robyn and I will be watching your mom's facebook page very closely in November. She's one very excited Gigi!! xo

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ANNIVERSARY | BRIAN & SARAH MacLellan_Blog-1MacLellan_Blog-1


Married for 30 years!! Congratulations Brian and Sarah! 2020 sure has been a history making year in so many ways. They couldn't celebrate with a trip this year so they did the next best thing (in my opinion) - a family photo shoot! Their family of 5 has grown into 8 & 3/4 (the L'il Lentil is due on my birthday in November, how cool is that!?!) Cheers to you all! And here's to 40 more years of wedded bliss. xo

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WEDDING | JESSICA & RYAN Jess & Ryan Blog 1Jess & Ryan Blog 1


Mother Nature was doing her part for Jessica and Ryan on Saturday. Picking a wedding date in October is risky business but not this October 26, 2019 - it was PERFECT! (Last year, I photographed a wedding on this same weekend and we woke up to SNOW! ... it was beautiful, and reflective ... but very cold for a bride with bare feet!) Jessica and her girls started their day at Echo Hair Studio in Belleville. The maid of honour / make-up artist, worked on faces while hair was being done. The soft curls and braids gave the girls a very classy yet laid-back look and the barely there make-up complimented the style perfectly.  We went to the Bride & Groom's home next where the girls were getting ready upstairs and boys downstairs. Then it was time for The First Look! I love this so much!! The bride and groom had a private moment, all to themselves. This allows them to be more relaxed when it's time for the ceremony and we had a little extra portrait time too! Busses were arranged for the guests to arrive at The Meadows on time for a 3:30 ceremony. The sun was shining and kept guests warm throughout the service. We finished two pages of family formals after our big group shot and then some more portraits of the new Mr & Mrs. The reception started with a Bride & Groom Dance followed by a delicious meal, speeches, games and a special cake cutting game.

It was a beautiful day filled with friendship, laughter and lots of love. Congratulations Jess & Ryan! 

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ENGAGEMENT | ALICIA & JUSTIN 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-602019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-60 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-132019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-13 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-92019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-9 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-182019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-18 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-652019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-65





Alicia and Justin have actually been engaged for a few years. They have a precious baby girl who is now two years old and ready to be a flower girl. Little Rylee was my first ever "cake smash" baby and she's going to be adorable dancing with her daddy next summer. Alicia and Justin picked an absolutely perfect fall day for their engagement session. We went to the Quinte Conservation area, where at least two other photographers were also taking photos - popular spot for good reason. We found a lot of pretty locations! Now that they have learned all the ins and outs, and even some advanced posing, these two are ready for their wedding ... when it finally gets here ... next year. Congratulations Justin and Alicia! I love how your engagement photos turned out and am so excited for your wedding day. 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-62019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-6

2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-32019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-3 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-52019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-5 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-42019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-4 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-22019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-2 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-72019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-7 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-82019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-8 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-112019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-11 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-102019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-10 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-122019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-12 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-142019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-14 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-152019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-15 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-162019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-16 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-172019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-17 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-222019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-22 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-192019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-19 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-212019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-21 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-232019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-23 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-242019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-24 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-252019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-25 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-262019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-26 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-272019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-27 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-282019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-28 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-292019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-29 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-302019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-30 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-312019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-31 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-322019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-32 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-332019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-33 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-352019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-35 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-332019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-33 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-392019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-39 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-362019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-36 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-412019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-41 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-432019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-43 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-442019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-44 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-452019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-45 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-462019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-46 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-402019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-40 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-472019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-47 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-482019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-48 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-512019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-51 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-522019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-52 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-492019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-49 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-502019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-50 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-382019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-38 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-532019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-53 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-562019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-56 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-582019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-58 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-592019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-59 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-612019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-61 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-622019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-62 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-642019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-64 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-632019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-63 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-682019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-68 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-662019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-66 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-692019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-69 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-702019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-70 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-712019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-71 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-732019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-73 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-742019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-74 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-372019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-37 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-782019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-78 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-792019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-79 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-802019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-80 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-832019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-83 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-812019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-81 2019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-822019_10_20_Engagement_Alicia&Justin_Blog-82

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ENGAGEMENT | BRAD & DYLAN 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-252019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-25 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-32019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-3 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-82019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-8 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-392019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-39 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-552019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-55


I met Brad at Starbucks in 2015. We worked there together for almost a year before he moved on to other opportunities with a different company. It was through our friendship there that we discovered we both love photography. Brad even assisted me at a wedding in 2017. Sadly, his job took him to another city and we haven't connected for a while ... until recently ... when he messaged me about wedding photos ... HIS wedding photos!!! I am so excited for you Brad!! It was such a pleasure to get to know Dylan at this engagement session. I don't want to rush the wedding or anything, but I can't wait until June 6th, 2020. This rainy day session took us to the beautiful little town of Wellington in Prince Edward County. We started at the beach then moved to the newly renovated Lakeside Inn, then Sandbanks Winery where they gave us two complimentary glasses of wine!! How lovely of them. On the way back to Belleville, the clouds parted and we had a brief few minutes on the side of the road in the sun. Congratulations Brad & Dylan! 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-12019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-1 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-22019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-2 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-42019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-4 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-52019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-5 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-62019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-6 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-72019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-7 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-92019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-9 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-112019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-11     2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-122019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-12 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-132019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-13 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-102019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-10 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-142019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-14 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-162019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-16 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-152019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-15 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-172019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-17 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-192019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-19 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-212019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-21 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-182019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-18 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-222019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-22 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-232019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-23 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-242019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-24 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-262019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-26 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-202019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-20 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-272019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-27 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-282019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-28 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-292019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-29 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-302019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-30 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-312019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-31 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-322019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-32 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-332019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-33 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-342019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-34 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-372019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-37 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-352019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-35 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-362019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-36 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-382019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-38 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-402019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-40 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-412019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-41 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-422019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-42 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-452019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-45 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-432019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-43 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-442019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-44 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-472019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-47 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-482019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-48 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-492019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-49 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-462019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-46 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-502019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-50 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-522019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-52 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-512019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-51 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-532019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-53 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-542019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-54 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-572019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-57 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-562019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-56 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-582019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-58 2019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-592019_09_15_Brad&Dylan_Engagement_Blog-59

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Proposal | Mohamed & Katie 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-422019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-42 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-82019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-8 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-22019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-2 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-282019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-28



What an exciting moment in two peoples lives this was!! When Mohamed contacted me, I was thrilled that my calendar was open because this is something I've always thought would be super cool to photograph. And then it was time to actually photograph it ... for real.... and I think I was more nervous than anyone else. What if she saw me hiding behind the wood pile? While I was looking for the best spot to hide, I got stung by a bee! What if I got stung by another one? I would be devastated if I ruined this moment for them. Luckily, my camera has a super silent mode, there weren't any more bees and Katie had no idea I was there.

I love how Mohamed had this all planned out. She arrived exactly on time, was blindfolded (with a t-shirt) and carefully taken down the back stairs to the dock where Mohamed and a couple of his friends had decorated the gazebo. There were photos of Mohamed and Katie, flower petals, candles, flower garland and mini-lights. How romantic!! 

Mohamed's true personality came out when he tricked her with a ring-pop ring before the real one came out. Despite that, Katie still said YES!! 

They are such a sweet couple. I hope this isn't the last we see of them. Congratulations on your engagement Mohamed and Katie! 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-42019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-4 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-12019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-1 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-32019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-3 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-52019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-5      2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-62019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-6 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-72019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-7 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-92019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-9 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-102019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-10 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-112019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-11 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-122019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-12 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-132019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-13 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-142019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-14 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-152019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-15 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-162019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-16 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-172019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-17 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-182019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-18 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-202019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-20 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-212019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-21 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-222019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-22 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-232019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-23 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-242019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-24 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-252019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-25 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-452019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-45 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-262019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-26 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-272019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-27 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-302019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-30 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-292019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-29 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-322019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-32 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-312019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-31 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-342019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-34 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-362019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-36 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-372019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-37 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-392019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-39 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-402019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-40 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-412019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-41 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-462019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-46 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-472019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-47 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-482019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-48 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-512019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-51 2019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-542019_08_16_Proposal_Mo&Katie_BLOG-54

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Anniversary | Rod & Susan 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-1120190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-11

50th Wedding Anniversary | Stirling, ON 

CONGRATULATIONS!! 50 years of marriage for Susan and Rod!! There is a beautiful post on facebook from their daughter, Sonya, congratulating them and I think it says it all  .... "One of your greatest legacies is the art of lasting love. Because of you two, I've learned what true love is made of. I can't imagine a greater life lesson. ..." and Susan replied: "I'd marry him again in an instant. It has been 50 wonderful years."

20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-1920190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-19 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-1820190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-18 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-2020190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-20 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-1620190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-16 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-1220190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-12 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-1320190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-13 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-1420190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-14 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-1520190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-15 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-1720190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-17 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-120190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-1 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-220190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-2 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-320190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-3 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-2520190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-25 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-2620190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-26 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-2720190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-27 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-2820190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-28 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-820190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-8 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-2120190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-21 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-520190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-5 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-3520190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-35 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-3620190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-36 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-3720190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-37 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-420190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-4 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-3020190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-30 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-3320190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-33 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-3220190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-32 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-3120190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-31 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-3420190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-34 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-3820190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-38 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-3920190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-39 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-4020190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-40 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-4120190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-41 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-4220190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-42 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-4320190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-43 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-4420190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-44 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-4520190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-45 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-4620190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-46 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-4720190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-47 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-4820190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-48 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-4920190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-49 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-5020190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-50 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-5120190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-51 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-5220190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-52 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-5320190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-53 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-5420190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-54 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-5520190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-55 20190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-2220190727_Clarke50thAnniversary_blog-22      

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Wedding | Veronica & Leith FiskenWedding_Blog-120FiskenWedding_Blog-120 FiskenWedding_Blog-20FiskenWedding_Blog-20 FiskenWedding_Blog-4FiskenWedding_Blog-4 FiskenWedding_Blog-14FiskenWedding_Blog-14 FiskenWedding_Blog-19FiskenWedding_Blog-19














It was a hot one on Saturday! Do you think we broke any heat records? It's funny because when my husband and I were in Colombia in the winter, it was that hot every day and because we expected it, it didn't bother us .... but here in southern Ontario, it's unexpected ... and another thing that differs ... we weren't dressed for a wedding! Leith, our handsome groom, was an absolute trooper!! He wore his suit and managed to not look like he was melting. Nothing, heat or rain, was going to stand in the way of this day being absolutely perfect for Leith and Veronica.

I have known Veronica and her family for a long time. Her sweet mom used to look after my daughters and she was in the same class as my oldest daughter, Brianna. They have been friends for a long time and it was so great to see that Veronica hasn't changed one bit!! She's still the same beautiful ball of fire that she was as a little girl. Her laugh is contagious ... and so are her tears of joy. 

This wedding was elegantly put together by their families and their wonderful neighbours. Four houses together made up the parking site, the ceremony site, the garden and the reception area. What a fantastic community! Wooler really is the place to be! 

Congratulations Veronica and Leith! I'm honoured to have been a part of your special day. 
FiskenWedding_Blog-3FiskenWedding_Blog-3 FiskenWedding_Blog-6FiskenWedding_Blog-6

FiskenWedding_Blog-22FiskenWedding_Blog-22 FiskenWedding_Blog-23FiskenWedding_Blog-23 FiskenWedding_Blog-25FiskenWedding_Blog-25 FiskenWedding_Blog-27FiskenWedding_Blog-27 FiskenWedding_Blog-26FiskenWedding_Blog-26 FiskenWedding_Blog-28FiskenWedding_Blog-28 FiskenWedding_Blog-1FiskenWedding_Blog-1 FiskenWedding_Blog-30FiskenWedding_Blog-30 FiskenWedding_Blog-31FiskenWedding_Blog-31 FiskenWedding_Blog-32FiskenWedding_Blog-32 FiskenWedding_Blog-21FiskenWedding_Blog-21 FiskenWedding_Blog-33FiskenWedding_Blog-33 FiskenWedding_Blog-34FiskenWedding_Blog-34 FiskenWedding_Blog-36FiskenWedding_Blog-36 FiskenWedding_Blog-37FiskenWedding_Blog-37 FiskenWedding_Blog-38FiskenWedding_Blog-38 FiskenWedding_Blog-39FiskenWedding_Blog-39 FiskenWedding_Blog-40FiskenWedding_Blog-40 FiskenWedding_Blog-41FiskenWedding_Blog-41 FiskenWedding_Blog-42FiskenWedding_Blog-42 FiskenWedding_Blog-43FiskenWedding_Blog-43 FiskenWedding_Blog-47FiskenWedding_Blog-47 FiskenWedding_Blog-45FiskenWedding_Blog-45 FiskenWedding_Blog-44FiskenWedding_Blog-44 FiskenWedding_Blog-46FiskenWedding_Blog-46 FiskenWedding_Blog-48FiskenWedding_Blog-48 FiskenWedding_Blog-49FiskenWedding_Blog-49 FiskenWedding_Blog-50FiskenWedding_Blog-50 FiskenWedding_Blog-51FiskenWedding_Blog-51 FiskenWedding_Blog-52FiskenWedding_Blog-52 FiskenWedding_Blog-55FiskenWedding_Blog-55 FiskenWedding_Blog-56FiskenWedding_Blog-56 FiskenWedding_Blog-57FiskenWedding_Blog-57 FiskenWedding_Blog-58FiskenWedding_Blog-58 FiskenWedding_Blog-59FiskenWedding_Blog-59 FiskenWedding_Blog-61FiskenWedding_Blog-61 FiskenWedding_Blog-62FiskenWedding_Blog-62 FiskenWedding_Blog-64FiskenWedding_Blog-64 FiskenWedding_Blog-66FiskenWedding_Blog-66 FiskenWedding_Blog-63FiskenWedding_Blog-63 FiskenWedding_Blog-68FiskenWedding_Blog-68 FiskenWedding_Blog-69FiskenWedding_Blog-69 FiskenWedding_Blog-70FiskenWedding_Blog-70 FiskenWedding_Blog-75FiskenWedding_Blog-75 FiskenWedding_Blog-76FiskenWedding_Blog-76 FiskenWedding_Blog-77FiskenWedding_Blog-77 FiskenWedding_Blog-78FiskenWedding_Blog-78 FiskenWedding_Blog-80FiskenWedding_Blog-80 FiskenWedding_Blog-82FiskenWedding_Blog-82 FiskenWedding_Blog-83FiskenWedding_Blog-83 FiskenWedding_Blog-81FiskenWedding_Blog-81 FiskenWedding_Blog-79FiskenWedding_Blog-79 FiskenWedding_Blog-84FiskenWedding_Blog-84 FiskenWedding_Blog-86FiskenWedding_Blog-86 FiskenWedding_Blog-85FiskenWedding_Blog-85 FiskenWedding_Blog-89FiskenWedding_Blog-89 FiskenWedding_Blog-90FiskenWedding_Blog-90 FiskenWedding_Blog-92FiskenWedding_Blog-92 FiskenWedding_Blog-91FiskenWedding_Blog-91 FiskenWedding_Blog-93FiskenWedding_Blog-93 FiskenWedding_Blog-96FiskenWedding_Blog-96 FiskenWedding_Blog-97FiskenWedding_Blog-97 FiskenWedding_Blog-101FiskenWedding_Blog-101 FiskenWedding_Blog-98FiskenWedding_Blog-98 FiskenWedding_Blog-99FiskenWedding_Blog-99 FiskenWedding_Blog-100FiskenWedding_Blog-100 FiskenWedding_Blog-102FiskenWedding_Blog-102 FiskenWedding_Blog-103FiskenWedding_Blog-103 FiskenWedding_Blog-109FiskenWedding_Blog-109 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]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) Portraits Wedding Tue, 23 Jul 2019 22:46:15 GMT
High School Graduation 2019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-272019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-27

2019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-72019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-7 2019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-282019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-28 2019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-142019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-14 2019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-242019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-24

































Noah is a swimmer so we thought that photos with water in the background would be fitting for his senior graduation photos. The water levels are super high in Belleville right now but we were still able to find a good spot. Noah brought his super proud mom, his grandparents and his girlfriend for some quick photos before the ceremony. It was wonderful to meet you all. Congratulations Noah! 

2019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-12019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-1 2019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-22019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-2 2019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-42019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-4 2019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-32019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-3 2019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-52019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-5 2019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-62019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-6 2019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-82019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-8 2019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-92019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-9 2019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-112019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-11 2019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-102019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-10 2019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-122019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-12 2019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-132019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-13 2019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-152019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-15 2019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-172019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-17 2019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-162019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-16 2019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-182019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-18 2019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-192019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-19 2019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-202019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-20 2019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-252019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-25 2019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-222019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-22 2019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-232019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-23 2019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-212019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-21 2019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-262019_06_25_NoahBrooksGrad_LR_Blog-26  

]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) Family Photos Graduation Portraits Thu, 27 Jun 2019 12:40:06 GMT
Father's Day 2019 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-12019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-1 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-332019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-33 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-122019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-12 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-292019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-29 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-132019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-13



































We couldn't have asked for a better combination: 4 generations, an empty park, busy toddlers and warm sunshine! Thank you Amanda and Terri for all the fun. It was great to get to know you all a little better. I especially loved the transformation in the kids once it was time to play in the tree instead of smiling for the camera. Some of my favourite photos include that sweet moment when Kade gave his great grandmother some flowers to hold for her photo. ADORABLE!! Andrew with his kids in the tree .... it just makes me laugh out loud. When Uncle Mark got Cade to giggle playing peek-a-boo behind the tree. When Amber held Jackson in a piggy-back and remembered that we did that pose on her grade 8 graduation day. My most favourite of all though is Jackson sitting on the tree stump ... this is the boy who wasn't interested in photos when we started and took the most stunning portrait of all at the end. Good job Jackson! Happy Belated Father's Day to all the dad's out there. I hope you all got photos with your loved ones this year. 

2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-22019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-2 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-232019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-23 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-42019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-4 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-32019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-3 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-52019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-5 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-62019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-6 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-162019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-16 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-82019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-8 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-72019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-7 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-112019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-11 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-92019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-9 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-142019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-14 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-152019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-15 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-172019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-17 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-182019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-18 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-192019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-19 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-202019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-20 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-212019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-21 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-222019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-22 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-352019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-35 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-242019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-24 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-252019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-25 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-272019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-27 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-312019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-31 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-282019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-28 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-302019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-30 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-322019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-32 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-262019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-26 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-342019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-34 2019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-102019_06_16_AmandaTerri_Blog-10  

]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) Family Family Photos Portraits Fri, 21 Jun 2019 19:19:51 GMT


































   Three sisters, three spouses, six children, a peek of sunshine and a busy little park on a warm spring day. These three ladies are special to my husband Mike and I; they are Mike's nieces and all these little ones are our great-nieces and great-nephews. How lucky are we! This is the first time we've been together for pictures and I hope it's the first of many. A special Happy Mother's Day to Meghann, Katie and Paula. 



]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) Family Family Photos Portraits Thu, 09 May 2019 22:26:11 GMT






















WEDDING | Johnstown Community Centre | Prescott, ON

I feel very fortunate to have met this family. A big thank you to Sherri & Jay for all the laughs and for keeping your spirits up when you woke up to snow in the air on your wedding day. It was pretty and warm the day before AND the day after ... but on their day, it snowed and rained and the wind was gusting. Those are the chances we all take living in Canada and planning anything that may involve the outdoors; just ask my husband to plan a golf day and it's guaranteed to be crappy weather. Sherri and Jay had a plan though. They were staying at a pretty little spot in Prescott, ON, called Dewer's Inn On The River. The Inn has a meeting room and we were lucky enough to find it empty and available to use for the bulk of our "before ceremony" photos while it was terrible outside. We did manage to get outside between raindrops for about 10 minutes to the Inn's lovely waterfront deck. I'm so thankful for those 10 minutes. They are some of my most favourite photos of the day. If you're looking for a quiet cottage get-away on the water, check this place out! My next favourite is the look on, their daughter, Kiera's face when she was pouring her sand into the container at the ceremony. That's a priceless moment. And I can't forget to mention the special mural that was painted as a gift just for them ... "I love you to the moon and back" ... Congratulations Sherri & Jay! I hope you're having perfect weather in Vegas!!


]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) Events Family Photos Portraits Wedding Tue, 30 Apr 2019 19:14:21 GMT
Brickell Family


 Brickell Family | Scott's Mill | Milford, Ontario 

Most of my family sessions in November and December had to be kept a secret because they were a part of a gift and no one likes surprises to be ruined. When I was asking April's permission to post this she told me that her mom never checks facebook and that Jason's dad doesn't even have an account. This means I get to share her family with everyone today! Happy Christmas Eve! 

]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) Family Family Photos Portraits Mon, 24 Dec 2018 14:34:22 GMT
Kerr Family

Family Photo Session | Prince Edward County

This photo session was a gift to mom from her girls for Mother's Day. It was a chilly fall evening at the farm. The wind was strong, my fingers were frozen but they managed the whole session like pros. It took a few months to coordinate but Dawn will finally have updated photos of her family. Great gift idea ladies! Enjoy your preview! 

]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) Family Family Photos Portraits Mon, 24 Dec 2018 13:35:04 GMT
A Christmas Sneak Peek for Kate & Chris It's Santa Claus parade day here in Belleville so here's a little cheer from our temporary studio space. Not only two adorable little girls who had fun with their very own Christmas set up, but introducing their new TWIN BROTHERS! aaaahhhhh so cute!! 


]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) Family Family Photos Portraits Studio Portraits Sun, 18 Nov 2018 21:39:57 GMT
Christmas Photos 2018 It's the most wonderful time of the year! ... A sneak peek for Therese, Ryan and baby Julia

]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) Family Family Photos Portraits Wed, 14 Nov 2018 03:47:16 GMT
Wedding | Megan & Patrick




Tralee Wedding Facility | Caledon East Wedding

It snowed ... in October! Megan and Pat planned a fall wedding with fall themed colours but Megan said she dreamed of a winter wedding ... well guess what?! She got BOTH! Fall colours and snow! We may have had cold wet feet but your most special day was absolutely beautiful. Congratulations Megan and Pat! I'm honoured to have been a part of it.



]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) Events Portraits Wedding Tue, 30 Oct 2018 21:33:14 GMT
Engaged | Jessica & Ryan



Fall Engagement at the Family Farm

Jessica and Ryan wanted their photos taken in the place they spent the most time together. Ryan's family farm in Prince Edward County was a perfect choice. We had wide open fields, all the fall colours and a beautiful sunset. We have so many lovely images! But in the car on the way home - magic happened in the sky - so Ryan pulled the car over and we took one last photo. You'll have to scroll all the way to the end to see it! Congratulations Ryan and Jessica! 



 ... and here it is ... the beautiful sky that had me squealing with excitement!

]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) Engagement portraits Sat, 13 Oct 2018 16:15:29 GMT
Wedding - Tanya & Jason Tanya & Jason were married on Saturday at The Banquet Centre - Belleville, Ontario

 ... in front of their closest friends and family. Their 13 year old daughter, Emily, was a beautiful junior Bridesmaid. It was raining all morning but stopped just in time. Not one drop fell on our Bride! The grass was wet at the Lions Club Park along the Moira River, but the centre of the park has a beautiful brick area that was dry enough for a wedding dress. Tanya was glowing and Jason couldn't take his eyes off her! 

Congratulations Jason & Tanya! I'm so happy to have been a part of this special day. 


]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) Portraits Wedding Wed, 10 Oct 2018 01:58:55 GMT
And just like that ... Summer comes to an end.      Both our girls were home for the entire summer! Becca home from college to complete her internship with the Athletic Therapy Clinic at Loyalist. Brianna taking a leave from her job in Toronto to work with Festival Players in the County as their Assistant Producer. In June it felt like our house was a bit crowded - especially since we only have one shower. But it didn't take long for everyone's routine to fall into place. We had lovely visits on the front porch. Many a night with music and a drink or two. There were a lot of giggles coming from Becca's bedroom as they binge watched Big Brother or chatted about a new boy. Becca left for her final year of college yesterday. We have Brianna for one more month. (Phew! I don't think I could have held back all the tears if they both left on the same day.) I couldn't let the summer go by without updated "sister" photos. Schedules were difficult to coordinate over the past couple of months but it finally came together last week.


]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) Family Family Photos Portraits Mon, 03 Sep 2018 18:34:32 GMT
Rylee's Birthday ... Part 2 After our mini outdoor family session, we moved into the studio. Alicia made her sweet baby girl a cake - to SMASH!! This was so much fun!! 

]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) cake smash family photos Portraits Mon, 27 Aug 2018 01:03:59 GMT
Rylee's Birthday ... Part 1 Sweet little Rylee is turning 1 next month. A special milestone like this, is made extra special with a two part photoshoot to celebrate. Part one - outdoor family photos. The rain held off just long enough - phew!

]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) Family Family Photos Portraits Mon, 27 Aug 2018 00:40:19 GMT
Maria, 11 days old  For Isabella and her sweet baby; thank you for inviting me into your home. Maria is a doll!

]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) Family Family Photos Portraits Fri, 24 Aug 2018 14:03:02 GMT
Family Support For Graduation  Cindy called me a couple of days ago when she realized that her family will all be together AND all dressed up to watch her youngest daughter graduate from grade 8. What a perfect opportunity for some quick family photos! Thanks for the call Cindy. I'm so happy to have captured this special day for Lilia. 

]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) Events Family Family Photos Portraits Wed, 27 Jun 2018 16:08:53 GMT
Prom 2018  "And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, I had that familiar conviction, that life is beginning over again with the summer." - F. Scott Fitzgerald - The Great Gatsby

Congratulations to Katherine and all the 2018 high school grads! 


]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) Events Family Photos Portraits Tue, 26 Jun 2018 23:30:36 GMT
Meet 6 week old Baby Julia     A BABY will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten and the future worth living for.   - Pablo Picasso


]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) family family photos portraits Thu, 24 May 2018 01:51:36 GMT
Outdoor Family time is finally here!  The weather has finally warmed up. The grass is green and so are the trees! Let's get outside and play with the kids ... and bring a photographer along.

]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) family family photos portraits Sun, 20 May 2018 18:28:56 GMT
A Magical Day At The Quinte Mall Congratulations to the Quinte Mall for putting together this wonderful march break event. I spent three hours with Cinderella, and she was wonderful. She took the time to speak to each little prince, pirate and princess before and after each photo. What a lovely experience and lasting memory for each child. She truly touched hearts and it was the sweetest thing I've seen in a long time. It was indeed a "magical day". 



You can find all of the photos taken this day with Cinderella and the Pirate by copying and pasting this link in your browser:     


]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) events family family photos portraits Fri, 16 Mar 2018 02:47:27 GMT
Burlesque Was Here! Congratulations to Capers and the Toronto School of Burlesque! A good time was had by all last night. If you were one of the unfortunate who wanted a ticket and didn't get one, watch for their return in November. They'll be back. If you did make it last night and were one of the brave ones to get up on stage and have your photo taken (or even if you didn't), click here to see your photos and many more of my favourites from the show. 





]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) events Sun, 04 Feb 2018 21:35:11 GMT
Photos for Christmas These photos were taken as a Christmas gift for Codie and Emily's mom. Lucky mom indeed to have such thoughtful children. Now that Christmas is over I can finally share them. Oh what fun we had that day!


]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) family family photos headshots portraits Mon, 22 Jan 2018 02:27:45 GMT
Oh Christmas Tree Thank you to the Barber family for inviting me into your home to capture this special time. One day they'll be grown and these photos and the memories that go along with them will be so special to look back on. I'll remember how fast they place the ornaments on the tree ... how this year little miss Natalie isn't big into smiling for photos ... how much they love their pets ... and their parents ... Thanks for a beautiful morning.

]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) family family photos Mon, 27 Nov 2017 19:14:28 GMT
Baby Frappuccino As some of you may know, I work part time at Starbucks. One day last week I received a text from my boss telling me that there was a woman in who was looking for a photographer who would take photos of her baby in her frappuccino costume. FRAPPUCCINO COSTUME!! Say no more! I'm your girl! I contacted Teresa immediately and we set up a date. ... and just have peek at these ... how ADORABLE is baby Mericus?!?! Thank you Teresa! And special mention to Grandma who worked hardest of all to keep Mericus as happy as could be. 


]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) family portraits studio portraits Tue, 14 Nov 2017 01:15:39 GMT
100 Warm Wishes ... 100 warm wishes, hugs and kisses on your 100th birthday, 

You deserve it, so you'll have to sit still while we all share them with you. 

Happy 100th Birthday Kenneth! 



]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) events family family photos portraits Wed, 01 Nov 2017 02:12:28 GMT
Rachel & Zach's Wedding Day    Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.  - EMILY BRÖNTE

 Congratulations Rachel & Zach!! Thank you for inviting me to capture your special day. 

]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) events family photos portraits wedding Fri, 08 Sep 2017 04:30:01 GMT
Four Generations of LeBarons   "But the most beautiful things in life are not just things. They're people and places, memories and pictures. They're feelings and moments and smiles and laughter." - unknown



]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) family family photos portraits Wed, 12 Jul 2017 11:55:08 GMT
Happy Birthday Sara!   My dear sweet friend Sara turned 44 last week. That's right ... 44. She came over a couple of days ago wearing this dress and out came the camera. I mean, come on, how could I not photograph her. She looks fantastic! Happy Happy Birthday Sara. I hope this coming year brings lots of new and wonderful experiences your way. xo

]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) Headshots Portraits Mon, 03 Jul 2017 01:04:43 GMT
NCC Prom 2017 Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!” – Robin Williams 

It's PROM season!! Congratulations to all who are graduating this year. I hope you had as much fun at your prom as these beautiful people did last night. 

]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) Events Portraits Wed, 28 Jun 2017 02:33:09 GMT
Happy 2nd Birthday Aidan!








]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) Portraits Studio Portraits Sun, 09 Apr 2017 23:43:28 GMT
This Is My Canada/Mon cher Canada When Jeanette inquired about a photoshoot to celebrate winter in Canada and promote her music at the same time, we didn't really have any snow in Belleville. Not to worry, this in Ontario. All we had to do was drive north for a couple of hours. Our plan was to go to Algonquin Park but we didn't have to go that far. The town of Maynooth had thigh-high snow and just past Maynooth, we found the little hamlet of Maple Leaf, Ontario. How perfect is that?!



Jeanette has a wonderful song called This Is My Canada that needs some help. 

So many people have told her that they think "This Is My Canada/Mon cher Canada" should be our 2nd national anthem.  With "Your Help," it could easily happen and what better way to launch it nationally then in 2017 for Canada 150! 

A team of multiple award-winning music industry professionals and session musicians have lined up to participate in a world-class recording of the song and to create a professional music video production, that will make this song all that it should be.  Including a soon-to-be-announced multi-Juno Award winner who will sing lead!

To learn more and to help out, please visit Jeanette's go fund me page by March 6th. The clock is ticking.

Jeanette Arsenault is a singer/songwriter who writes & sings uplifting songs about women, her country, God, social issues and things that matter to her. Learn more about Jeanette here

Thank you Jeanette for asking me to be a part of your project. 

]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) Headshots Portraits Mon, 20 Feb 2017 16:37:27 GMT
Family & friends gather for a special birthday ...  Betty turned 75 recently. 75!! Her family celebrated in style with a big party that included professional photos. I was honoured to be chosen to capture her special day. Betty's daughter asked everyone to dress in similar colours while mom put on a beautiful pop of red. What a fantastic idea. As you can see, it looks spectacular. Great job Kim! Everyone braved the cold for photos outside so we could use the bridge in the front yard with the lovely forest-like background. You can barely tell that it was below freezing outside - what great sports they all were. Happy Birthday Betty! 


]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) Family Family Photos Portraits Mon, 19 Dec 2016 01:59:59 GMT
Meet two year old Lillian ... and her parents too I first met Lillian last May at the Belleville Mama Market when she was about 6 months old. She's on the move now! Like any toddler, she's very curious, quick to smile for mama and even quicker to tell you when she doesn't like something.  We had lots of fun; first in the studio and then downtown to see the Christmas decorations. 

First steps, first smiles, first laughs, first words, these past two years have been filled with firsts. And the year to come will be filled with more. Happy Birthday Lillian 

]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) Family Family Photos Studio Portraits Fri, 02 Dec 2016 16:15:26 GMT
Family Of Four  This busy mom might want to reconsider the fashion business; if you want to know how to style your family for photos - check these out! I tell my clients: "you want outfits that you'd see in a store display window together. They don't match, they 'go'". And Kate has it figured out! 

Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.”  -  Lisa Weedn

]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) Family Family Photos Wed, 23 Nov 2016 18:55:21 GMT
Rachel & Zach "A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality." - John Lennon/Yoko Ono

Congratulations on your engagement, Rachel and Zach! 

]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) Engagement Portraits Mon, 14 Nov 2016 01:33:35 GMT
Diamond Wedding Anniversary Happy 60th Anniversary to Les and Dorothy!

"Experts on romance say for a happy marriage there has to be more than a passionate love. For a lasting union, they insist, there must be a genuine liking for each other. Which, in my book, is a good definition for friendship." Marilyn Monroe



]]> (Imagine Photography | Sarah Kirby) Family Family Photos Portraits Fri, 21 Oct 2016 03:33:19 GMT
Wedding Day Bliss for Sara and Samantha ‚ÄčA photo preview for Sara and Samantha. Congratulations girls! It was a perfect day.

"We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love." -Robert Fulghum