And just like that ... Summer comes to an end.

September 03, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

     Both our girls were home for the entire summer! Becca home from college to complete her internship with the Athletic Therapy Clinic at Loyalist. Brianna taking a leave from her job in Toronto to work with Festival Players in the County as their Assistant Producer. In June it felt like our house was a bit crowded - especially since we only have one shower. But it didn't take long for everyone's routine to fall into place. We had lovely visits on the front porch. Many a night with music and a drink or two. There were a lot of giggles coming from Becca's bedroom as they binge watched Big Brother or chatted about a new boy. Becca left for her final year of college yesterday. We have Brianna for one more month. (Phew! I don't think I could have held back all the tears if they both left on the same day.) I couldn't let the summer go by without updated "sister" photos. Schedules were difficult to coordinate over the past couple of months but it finally came together last week.