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It was forecasted to be19 degrees celsius in NOVEMBER and on Therese and Ryan's family photo day, I think it even surpassed that! Therese had beautiful matching Roots sweaters, from Auntie Lisa, for herself and little Julia and it was hard to wear them in this little heatwave. They did manage to get them in a few photos at least. These family photos are especially exciting because they are the first that include Julia's new brother, baby James, who is almost 5 months old. Only two days after these photos, he began to sit up all on his own. He's growing fast and I'm so happy I could capture him before this next phase of growth begins. Welcome to this crazy world baby James! 

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Christine Rutter(non-registered)
These pictures are awesome.
Steph VanderMeulen(non-registered)
These are perfection and I love them all!! You so beautifully captured my gorgeous family!! Thank you for your good eye, talent, and skill in making these memories for Therese and Ryan and the rest of us!
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