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This isn't just a regular client's surprise proposal..... this is the surprise proposal to my DAUGHTER! My first born, my longest best friend, my sweet, caring super special little girl ........ AND SHE SAID YES! Her new fiancé, Corey, knows her so well that, even though he would have preferred for this to be a private moment, he knew she would cherish these photos forever and he was kind enough to invite my husband Mike and me to be there. We had already planned to do a waterfall tour on this day, so the surprise was going to be perfect. I would naturally have my camera and it wouldn't seem strange or suspicious to her at all. I will let the photos tell the rest of the proposal story. As for the remainder of the day, we had a beautiful rainy waterfall tour visiting Devil's Punchbowl, Albion Falls and Canterbury Falls. We stopped for lunch in the middle of our tour. When we got back to Brianna and Corey's condo, they spent some time telling the exciting news to family and their cat, Murray. Corey's mom, Leesa, added some balloons and bubbly and we celebrated. Congratulations Brianna and Corey!! 


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