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Their first born, Vihaan, is now 2 years old and ready to be a big brother. Palak is keeping the sex of the new baby a secret but I do know that the due date is the same day as our wedding anniversary. That sounds like good luck to me! Palak did a fantastic job with the clothing for these photos. I think I should start referring all my clients to her for a consultation before their session. Just look at this dress! Shradhyey's crisp white shirt was perfect, his shoes match the dress and Vihaan's shirt is the perfect combination of colours. You would never know from these images that it was 31 degrees with humidity over 80% and a threat of a thunderstorm. This summer has had some crazy weather but babies don't care what the forecast is. Congratulations Shradhyey and Palak and good luck with your new baby! 

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