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WEDDING | Johnstown Community Centre | Prescott, ON

I feel very fortunate to have met this family. A big thank you to Sherri & Jay for all the laughs and for keeping your spirits up when you woke up to snow in the air on your wedding day. It was pretty and warm the day before AND the day after ... but on their day, it snowed and rained and the wind was gusting. Those are the chances we all take living in Canada and planning anything that may involve the outdoors; just ask my husband to plan a golf day and it's guaranteed to be crappy weather. Sherri and Jay had a plan though. They were staying at a pretty little spot in Prescott, ON, called Dewer's Inn On The River. The Inn has a meeting room and we were lucky enough to find it empty and available to use for the bulk of our "before ceremony" photos while it was terrible outside. We did manage to get outside between raindrops for about 10 minutes to the Inn's lovely waterfront deck. I'm so thankful for those 10 minutes. They are some of my most favourite photos of the day. If you're looking for a quiet cottage get-away on the water, check this place out! My next favourite is the look on, their daughter, Kiera's face when she was pouring her sand into the container at the ceremony. That's a priceless moment. And I can't forget to mention the special mural that was painted as a gift just for them ... "I love you to the moon and back" ... Congratulations Sherri & Jay! I hope you're having perfect weather in Vegas!!